skate park design & construction

600+ spots built since 2006

a full construction cycle. from idea to implementation

By designing our smart skate parks, we strive to ensure that the playground not only fits into the urban architecture, but also becomes one of the iconic objects that will be popular among wide audience

Concrete skate parks

The most advanced & durable facilities for active sports enthusiasts

asphalt pump tracks

A universal solution for active leisure for most rookie and amateur riders

wooden-frame skate parks

For those who train and compete in top-level competitions

Mini Ramps

Fast installation, short production times and a variety of configurations make the ramp a good choice for events and demo shows

Skate Pools

For those who feel the special backyard vibe of surfing in dry bowls

Indoor Skate Parks

No weather can interfere with smooth riding

world-class skate parks

All components and equipment of XSA smart skate parks are thought out thoroughly, down to the smallest detail. All figures are coordinated with each other in such a way as to have a clear logical continuation when drawing up a riding trajectory.

We attach great importance to quality, reliability and innovative ideas that help improve production processes and ensure that the skate park meets the highest international standards.

We also pay due attention to the design and cultural significance of our parks so that they become truly noticeable objects of urban architecture and a popular place to visit among citizens.

Extreme, Stylish, Awesome

XSA is our life
expertise & experience

Not just in words

XSA is a team of professionals in the design and construction of sports facilities and integrated landscaping. We came out of the action sports industry ourselves and still in close touch with the audience, so we understand their needs perfectly.

Since 2006, we have been reimagining cities by creating the best conditions for sports activities and recreation. Our team consists of more than 80 professionals united by the idea of improving the space around them and passionate about what they do.

Concrete and wood manufactory, high quality materials and equipment, and the constant introduction of innovations allow us to solve complex engineering problems and build world-class skate parks, pump-tracks and various action sport facilities.
imagined, designed & built by xsa

completed projects

After much debate and discussion, we have selected a few of our very, very favorite projects that we especially value and are proud of telling you about

why we call them 'smart' skate parks

Every year we try to do something new, unique, which previously seemed impossible. This prevents us from taking success for granted and resting on our laurels

Smart construction

Our parks are made to last not just for a long time, but to remain in their original form for as long as possible, even with intensive use. To achieve this we use premium quality materials and technologies of modern construction, as well as inventing our own.

Smart Alignment

All the figures and elements are thought out in such a way as to give freedom and inspiration to riders and not to limit them to a single skate line or a fixed set of available tricks. Endless creativity and growth – that's our idea of the perfect spot.

Smart Integration

Our parks are not just stand-alone sports grounds, but zones that are fully integrated into the surrounding location, complementing and expanding the city, becoming a point of attraction where you can ride and just spend a good time with friends and family.

Let's do it right.
from the start

Each project is unique and consists of many details that need to be aligned together. Our primary task is to offer the best solution, taking into account all the nuances and wishes
    At the joint meeting, we discuss your vision of the future of the skate park and voice our expert opinion about it. Together we describe the audience, the functionality, determine the type of park, take into account design wishes and references, as well as all the technical difficulties of the area.
    Within two weeks, our design teams prepare several concepts for the future skate park, then choose the most interesting one, which is presented to the customer for approval.
    After agreeing on the preliminary design, the team of the design department and the technical team join forces to develop design documentation – a document with a detailed description of the scope of work, architectural and design solutions, in order to eventually obtain an exhaustive technical specification for the construction of a skate park.
    After preparing the project, we move on to the manufacture of figures at our factory, or to the construction of a skate park. We do not depend on third-party manufacturers, we have our own warehouses with materials and components, which is why the production time of our products is the fastest on the market, and the product quality is at the highest level.
  • final inspection
    It's not enough for us that the figures of the skate park simply stood in their places according to the plan. Before handing over the object, we make sure that each element of the spot fits perfectly with the others, corresponds to the intended design and is absolutely safe. Only after receiving affirmative answers to these questions we are ready to open the facility for riders.

share with us the passion for victories

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